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"No matter the topic or occasion, Marion Claire has an uncanny ability to offer key tips and advice that help me connect with my audiences by leveraging my own style and story preferences. Even though many of my speeches involve highly technical subject matter, she quickly understands the "big picture" and provides advice that is on-point and impactful. Never have I worked with a more effective personal coach - -she genuinely cares about your success."


Kevin O'Connell, CEO
MGO, Inc.


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Marion Claire
Presentation Skills Coach


Specializes in:


  • Enhancing your current skills while removing any fear of speaking before large and small groups
  • Helping you create your presentation
  • Being your speechwriter if that’s what you need
  • Informing and entertaining your organization as a speaker for your next event



Find Answers to your questions about public speaking!

If you’re one of the thousands who hate to give a speech or want to speak better, these Tips are meant for you. They will demystify and neutralize many of the reasons why people run in the other direction when they’re offered the opportunity to speak.


What’s the best way to calm the butterflies before you speak?

Should you open your speech with a joke or a story?

What should you do if you forget something important?

How do you overcome your fear of speaking to large and small groups?

Here, in an easy to access format, you’ll find techniques to create and deliver a speech for every occasion, overcome pre-speech nerves, avoid tripping over your tongue, and always look and feel like a Unique and Sexy Speaker.

You speak in public every day. Whether you’re giving a speech, having a conversation, saying your wedding vows, exhorting your sales team, or talking in your sleep, if someone is listening, you have the opportunity to influence and to inspire.

Being influential and inspirational!
That’s very sexy!

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For over fifteen years, I have helped clients all over the world improve their speaking, presenting, writing and networking skills. I coach management executives, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals who want to overcome their anxiety and learn to enjoy public speaking. .  

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